Blank Graphs

Update 22/10/2020: These graphs are now working again.

There is currently a problem with the Second Life data feeds not updating. As a result the graphs are largely all blank. They seem to be only updated very occasionally.

It seems other concurrency graphs are working, but not sure how at the moment.

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  • Missing etitsup today.
    Once again SL has gone sideways and we have nothing but what the Lindens tell us at Grid Status. Not complaining, that is its nature.
    Your Concurrency graph tells in near real time if it is a hiccup or a calamity. We take our guidance from there.

  • I have a scripted inworld counter I made a decade or so ago – it usually fails to update simultaneously with etitsup, but is still working at the moment.

    It fetches its data by parsing the return from the simple request
    just using the data between the tags.

  • [let’s see if markdown escaping works…]
    comment above has unfortunately parsed out my tags enclosed in ‘greater/less than’ tags, should read \\

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