Blank Graphs

Update 22/10/2020: These graphs are now working again. There is currently a problem with the Second Life data feeds not updating. As a result the graphs are largely all blank. They seem to be only updated very occasionally. It seems other concurrency graphs are working, but not sure how at the moment.

Server move

The site has been moved to a new host. All pages and updates should continue. It’s been a while since the last update, but the server has kept running and logging the stats. I may even look into a way to do custom graphing of historic data for the site.

Some downtime

The service was down for a while, but is once again available. There will be some missing data until I’ve pulled the data from the secondary site and plugged the gap.

Hole-y data

So the current users graph has a few more holes than expected. I’ve updated the script to be a little more intelligent and poll when it’s not received updated statistics (when it expected them too). Linden Lab/SL statistics aren’t perfect and not updated on time and sometimes not at all, so this will hopefully fill …

Changing statistics collection & the future

We’ll be changing how the statistics are processed in the near future. Currently it’s using an old feed which does not have a timestamp. This means that there isn’t a way to know when the data isn’t being retrived apart from when you get repeated data for a prolonged period of time or noticeably horizontal …

Asset server maintenance

SL is currently down to all but Lindens right now. They’re doing work on the asset servers to increase their reliability, something that everyone wants to happen. It’s certainly a different time to pull the grid off line for a planned maintenance for Linden Lab, but it’s certainly a good thing to have these planned …

Friday night problems

Well it used to be Sundays were the big problem nights but now it seems to have become Fridays. It seems that we’re told not to perform any transactions as well as logins are restricted. Concurrency numbers are holding up.. for the moment. [Update: 8:11 GMT] Spoke to soon on the concurrency numbers.. [Update: 8:43 …