Asset server maintenance

SL is currently down to all but Lindens right now. They’re doing work on the asset servers to increase their reliability, something that everyone wants to happen.

It’s certainly a different time to pull the grid off line for a planned maintenance for Linden Lab, but it’s certainly a good thing to have these planned downtimes shifted around the day. Hopefully this will alleviate the serious problems we’ve been seeing with the systems:

Historic concurrency
Click on the graph for more detail

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  • Miraculously, SL’s asset servers seem to have genuinely improved thanks to that maintenance. Not 100% but by looking at service requests for non-delivered items from our shop and 7Seas Fishing, it’s down by over 50%. That’s better than it was… whew!

    Thanks again for all these graphs. I find them unduly fascinating. 😀

  • Well SL’s improvements are always in fits and starts. It’s a complex system and fix one thing and you’ll find a bottleneck somewhere else. I’m glad these problems are fixed as they’ve been serious problems at peak concurrency.

    I’m glad you enjoy the graphs. I’m hoping to get more things such as transactions and regularity of residents logging in too.

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