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I don’t think there are many people who think it’s been a particularly good week in Second Life. Shortly after I generated the graph to cover midday-midday for the last seven days (click on the graph for more detail) I couldn’t help but notice that problems were once again occurring once again. It seems the peak times are becoming a bit of a quagmire for us regular users. also has a live graph which covers online users for the last twenty-four hours.

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  • This crap “everyday” is just killing my business. Paid 53,000 Ld’s yesterday for tier and wonder if there will be “one” day this money people are not afraid to spend money !

  • What time is that on the grapic? GMT?

  • Yeah… Linden Labs really hasnt fixed anything they TEMP FIX things, then wait for them to break again. If anyone remembers Project Open Letter this was sent to LL last year notecard is dated 4/30/2007. 1 year later all the issues we presented to them are still broken.

    Its time for a new Project Open Letter to be handed to LL. If things arent fixed now its time for lawsuits on behalf the users of Second Life.

    Linden Labs is costing everyone money down the drain because of daily money problems.

  • The time is BST (British Summer Time). That is GMT+1. I’d prefer they were GMT and am still working on that.

  • There have been transaction problems for months now. I use standard Linden vendors, unscripted prims set to “sell contents”, and every day I get 3-10 upset costomer IMs when I log in. From customers who paid but didn’t receive their wares. Or received incomplete sets, or items with missing scripts.

    So the customers who make it to my shop despite teleport problems and other issues don’t get their wares, feel ripped off and think it’s my fault. Perhaps they’ll tell their friends that my vendors don’t work, thanks for the great word-of-mouth advertising LL.

    But that’s not enough… LL literally eats my money. A few hours ago, I paid 300,000 L$ to an EuroSLEX terminal and the money never made it through. It has vanished in the void. First I get a message that the transaction has timed out, then my 300k are gone anyway. Only after this disaster I read the blog. I don’t check it everyday, I just assume that if the grid is open it will work as intended.

    Is it too much to ask that they close the grid when there are severe problems like this? It’s totally irresponsible to let people log in despite such showstoppers and only post the laconic message “Please refrain from inworld transactions” on a censored blog that no one reads.

    The live support only told me to file a ticket btw. That’s LL’s concierge level support. It doesn’t matter if you throw 4 digit sums at them each month, for tier and classifieds; just file a ticket like everyone else, we can’t help you. Great. If that money is permanently gone now, I can’t advertise this week and won’t earn back my tier.

  • Linden Labs is just full of shit.
    Worst company ever

  • This truly is getting far too way out of hand. Asset server problems of 5 or more hours in duration 4 times in one 7 day period? Maybe they need to hire a teenager to deal with their software and hardware issues; they’d surely do a better job at it that whoever is doing it now (hmmmm wonder if that is why the CTO left?).

    LL: get some better software. People like the one above (and more) are losing real money in sales, purchases, and more. There should be notices in bold and red whenever someone tries to sign on, as well as drop down messages in red, to notify of problems while they try to find someone who can fix the issues.

    Bravo on your graph.

  • Woot – I sold my SIM last night and now I dont have to keep paying LL for crap service. All they do is fix appearance things so the freebie accounts are happy. All us builders and creators get shafted. My income has been more than chopped in half due to all the bugs and lag and inventory problems.
    More concurrent Non-Paying, non-shoppers logged in. All the paying Shoppers are fed up and dont log in…and all the creators are pulling out their hair and complaining to deaf ears.

    I got several people to sign up for SL and every one of them stopped using it after a few days, they didnt understand why I got enjoyment from teleporting somewhere you cant see anyone or anything. Or why they cant change clothes, or why something I gave them is now gone.

    Im just glad I have gone from paying hundreds a month to paying $40. I remember when paying hundreds didnt bother me cause I knew I would make it back in sales and jobs.

    What will happen when the rest of the creators follow my decision to close up and leave? I guess we just get replaced with people that are new and dont know any better yet.

    I miss building…but not enough to keep doing it only to get a message 6 months from now “Item not in database”

  • “The live support only told me to file a ticket btw. That’s LL’s concierge level support. It doesn’t matter if you throw 4 digit sums at them each month, for tier and classifieds; just file a ticket like everyone else, we can’t help you.” – Quote from above

    I once was being overcharged for tier – some bug in THEIR system added an extra 1000 squ meters to my account which added another $100 to my month…I CALLED them since I am supposed to get Concierge level support and told them what happend….and she did fix it, but flat out told me I shouldnt have called, I should have used a support ticket…calling is only for emergencies.

    Like a ticket would have gotten fixed within the time between then and when I was charged…..NOT

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