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Well to keep SL up (more or less) Linden Lab have disabled functionality. While I can understand the need to keep SL up and running, it seems these key services (see below) are a a little too fundamental to the heart of SL with the notable exception of the first one.

I can understand disabling logins. There was some talk last year about when the grid was under heavy load that people connecting should be prioritised and I can see the logic in that far more than disabling some in world transactions. It’ll be interesting though to see how well the online user count keeps up.

Currently disabled are:

  • Logins
  • Lindex
  • In-world Transactions
  • Some of the Website

[Update 9:20pm BST] Well the concurrency graph speaks to itself. As of this moment 13,000 people have logged off or been disconnected. (This graph will refresh every 15minutes and data is added every 5 minutes)

[Update 9:40pm BST] Well the blog says that they are reenabling logins and services again. Only lost about 20,000 online users in that time…

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  • Saturday afternoon (in Europe) and again logins are impossible.

    Could this be a communist mockup of a virtual world? Second Life shows the same perfomance that the russian (USSR) tractors were said to have. Having the look of a tractor but not working most of the time.

  • Lol – the weekend again – the blog has 150 comments about todays problems and comments are now closed.

    “Our world…”


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