Routing problems this morning

Waking up this morning to find I can’t log on SL. Second Life is experiencing some technical difficulties of a different kind. It seems that routing issues are keeping it closed, with the obvious levels of online users you can expect. Hopefully they’ll get this one fixed soon though.

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  • SL is apparently dead – been on the blink all day for us here in Australia – after a month of almost no sales at my store that was doing well up until 1.19 was launched – since then things have gotten progressively worse.

    But I persisted – using good old – cos none of the later viewers worked for me.

    Now today – 1.19 is mandatory – no options – and still doesn’t work for me – but I persisted – through my tears….

    Then – things started to go down – and down – and down – until the old girl turned up her toes and died.

    I only hope i can get my money back out of sl before rigor mortis sets in.


    we can hope for some wonderous miracle – like having someone actually take the reins at LL who can make the place work – and the promised stability is delivered to the grid… and my viewer issues sorted…


  • Well today’s problems aren’t to do with the viewer at all, but problems are irritating none the less.

    The new viewer isn’t as happy for me (personally) in higher prim & avatar areas, known to crash a few times. All we can do is send info when it crashes and report to the JIRA when ever you can. The 1.19.1 viewer has been tested a lot, but obviously it’s only just live for all now and more bugs will be found. Hopefully tracked down and fixed quickly too.

    I hope to add more stats on the economy in due course to see what can be gleaned from them

  • I actually think they should disable logins more often when there are massive SL problems. Although it means we can’t go socialize, it WOULD stop people from buying items that can never arrive, etc…

    Although I think a better solution would be, during issues, to insert an intermediate step into any “pay” command to have a pop-up saying “Second Life is having transaction problems right now. Are you sure you want to do this?”

    The announcements quite obviously don’t catch everyone, or don’t catch them until it’s too late…

    Anyway, thanks for the site! It’s interesting in a train-wreck sort of way, something to go look at when stuff is melting down.

  • I’m not that pro in severs and client stuff, but i guess it’s not an accident that they have that hard probs shortly after launching a new client ^^.
    …and havoc is bugy like hell… many scripts don’t run at all or don’t run proper since it came out.

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