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Well to keep SL up (more or less) Linden Lab have disabled functionality. While I can understand the need to keep SL up and running, it seems these key services (see below) are a a little too fundamental to the heart of SL with the notable exception of the first one.

I can understand disabling logins. There was some talk last year about when the grid was under heavy load that people connecting should be prioritised and I can see the logic in that far more than disabling some in world transactions. It’ll be interesting though to see how well the online user count keeps up.

Currently disabled are:

  • Logins
  • Lindex
  • In-world Transactions
  • Some of the Website

[Update 9:20pm BST] Well the concurrency graph speaks to itself. As of this moment 13,000 people have logged off or been disconnected. (This graph will refresh every 15minutes and data is added every 5 minutes)

[Update 9:40pm BST] Well the blog says that they are reenabling logins and services again. Only lost about 20,000 online users in that time…

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  • and :
    *inventory not able to attach/rez
    *most of the web site

    is 12 noon PST really peak time? you have to love sitting at a LIVE Music show and the artist can’t login 🙁

  • 12 noon PST is 8pm UK time, 9pm CET.. so there are plenty of people about.. Peak time seems to typically about this time to an hour later. I suppose Europeans are on and America is slowly waking up? I need to sit down and work out where people are by timezone sometime…

  • Once more, I sit here looking at the blank login screen to SL and wonder…

    …why do I pay monthly to be treated like this? Prioritise Logins obviously doesnt mean – for those that pay – just those who live in the US. Welcome to our world… pah! Yep – am almost at the point where I say “You’re welcome to it mate!”

  • Well I can understand doing such but now to cut logins and disable acct pages and such that is just like shutting down the grid. And I Live in the US Lyndka and it is the same for us so that is not a discrimination at all. WE are all stopped.

  • Well, im american and cant login either 😛
    And it really is crazy, I think the paying users should have login privs first and the rest of us should wait.
    I do agree on that Lyndka.

    What’s the server need? Hosting, dedicated servers what?
    I’m sure people would donate to cover costs..

  • The in-world transactions disablement really gets me. I’ve been working as a dancer for the last few hours and have just tried to empty my tip jar. I’m now logged out and praying the jar doesnt empty into the void. Bottom feeders like me help keep the Linden economy moving but there’s no point working if the money system dies on me. Waaagh.

  • It’s always the same damn story over and over again…

    What linden labs is doing and the service they are providing is very good. IF IT WAS FREE…
    some of us are paying great ammounts of money for pleasure or business and the service they get is simply unacceptable!!

    But then again what can we do about it?
    What will work to change there minds, what will work to get second life uptime to 99.9%??

    If anybody is willing to share the step by step process i gladly do anything to get it done!

  • Thanks both – small comfort to know that its not just this side of the Atlantic then. It’s still annoying though isn’t it – 12 months ago, we were being told SL was scaleable – it would cope with the projected 50,000 residents simultaneously online…

    …now we know the ‘truth’ – it can but expect to be naked and without wearing any objects!! Yay!! that’s progress (did you get the hint of sarcasm in my txt?)

    *Passes a cold alcoholic drink to Meliciana & Arianna*

  • Brilliant! increase stability by preventing logins. that’s like preventingtraffic accidents ny welding your car door shut. you folks should give me a free month for all the down time, crashes, freezes, hiccups, lost inventory, etc.

  • Response to everyone:

    For Lyndka: I sit here at work, probably trying to be on SL when I shouldn’t be but regardless, there is no such thing as LL prioritising any logins, these guys at LL sit around and laugh at people who complain about it I’m sure, just for a Guilty Pleasure. Then again, I know people who complain when obviously their 128MB of RAM and thier standard motherboard video can’t handle the SL updates. I dont pay LL anything, and somehow manage to login 50% of the time, with the exception of when SL is OFFLINE. And the other 50% of the time I can’t login, and I live in the US. So Enjoy Mate!

    For Nuclear:

    I am central US and 12 noon SLT is 2PM US CENTRAL.
    Which, is coincidentally when most American SL Users are waking up. Because we’re slackers, thanks.

    For Distilled:

    You have the best point here as far as I can see, LL should refund some KEY USERS for failing to forwarn of imminent SL KNOWN ERRORS, and HELP (F1) to RESOLVE obvious negligence on thier behalf.

    After posting I’m sure I will be banned from SL.

  • This seems to be a trend with every “improvement” they try to make…wonder if at any point they will leave well enough alone for just long enough for us to actually enjoy SL…

  • What i’m curious about is why you manage to post on closed comments blog posts for the second time in a row… is this affiliated with sl? From a Linden? am i being paranoid?

    🙂 have fun…

  • errrrr!!! what was all those restarts and new server thingy to make SL more stable. hmmmm!!! so why is it down once again days after. well if this stability, i dont reckon much to it.

  • Linden say “disabled a set of in world functions to reduce overall database load and create a more reliable experience for everyone.” Errrr…how is not being able to login a more reliable experience..oh..wait…yeah.. it is increasinlgy reliable that I can’t log in when I want to, and that when I do all sorts of stuff doesn’t work. I’ll certainly think twice before I renew my Premium account. What’s next: a quota of hours per week? Pay per hour? It’s almost as if LL are saying “the Grid is great, it is just ruined by people using it”.

  • This is really becoming a joke, a bad one, a very bad one. It looks like things are just slipping out of any control.
    Why should I keep paying for this cr..p? At the end of the day it doesn’t make any difference, I’m not treated better.

  • Well, it’s again like at the end of last year. Sl is unavailable at the peak european times.

    Last saturday SL wasn’t available for most of the (european) day and the evening. Now it’s friday evening in europe and again no SL. I really doubt if Linden Lab will ever be able to solve it’s problems with the grid. I wish Google, Microsoft or IBM would save us and buy them.

  • One way to keep it stable though ;P

    And sorry, Lyndka is right – peak usage is in the evening, for any country. The biggest users of SL are now European and not US and we are getting hammered with bad service on an all too often regular basis.

    If I lived in the US, I wouldn’t have the same (re-occuring) problems.

    Or, if I didn’t work during the day. *smiles sweetly

  • Well Linden Labs has now been reduced to the level of the infamous quote from the Viet Nam War, “we had to destroy the village to save it”. At the rate they are going can “I see the light at the end of the tunnel be far off”?

  • Lindsee:
    Perhaps it wasn’t the best phrase, but a little defensive aren’t we?

    Miguel Nvkvist:
    This is not affiliated with SL at all and I’m not a Linden. They couldn’t afford to hire me….

  • Miguel:

    Aren’t all Bloody Americans?

  • Tsss has weekend started allready.

    It seems like Linden Labs, always tries to solve or change any grid issues from friday until sunday. That is such a no no!!! For the past month i have not been able to come or stay online, that annoys the hell out of me.

    Note to say: Ever since the implementation of Havok, things have been going down the drain rapidly. I am even thinking of taking a sabbatical on SL, if anyone will inform me in a year when things are back to normal again let me know!!!


  • Great – why is not mentioned they cut off teleporting too? I logged of cause I could not get away form wher I was, only to find out I could not log in again. This sucks. I’m now a year old and the users have doubled in that time. If LL is not able to handle the high amount of people then limit it to 50.000. At least for them it would be a stable system.
    And yes – the ones that pay their monthly bill (Europeans even with additional tax) should have privilegs!

  • for the enjoyment of those who can log in at peak hours…i see 33,561 on line and Logins are closed…that is Hardly peak….come on Lindens..quit dragging us along as if you are doin a favor…shut the grid down for 48 hours and fix it…you will loose your commerce base by catering to only new sim buyers who cant rez or move or sell or buy. Please bring your standard back for the masses here…we are the ones who make goods…and sell goods and keep SL economy moving..or you will find one big empty land…

  • Well, this is the second weekend that I ( we ) have troubles with SL.
    Last week the complete saturday and now this again . Well. I am a premium member ( hahaha ) and have some land , I pay tiers and my fee. I am at the point to say : goodbye. At least I think we should have some money back. And I don t talk about the lost of turnover and the lost of members. The only thing I can say at this moment is. I AM NOT HAPPY AT SL

  • and another friday where i can be glad not to put any rl money to sl anymore. even 10 usd monthly is too much for this treatment of customers.

    also lost fun with creating stuff, had so many loss and delivery problems over the time, this never changes they just skim over things and wait for the next total crash.

    and they want big rl companies using this service? lol

  • LMAO Nuclear 🙂 just checked a second post there… darn i feel left out… wanna rant at them a bit more…

    Anyone else feeling a bit uncertain about SL’s future?

  • Yeah, well that sure increased the grid stability, I mean with 5 crashes an hour, disabling logins is a very effective tactic, unfortunately it defeats the whole point, good job LL.

  • We’ll keep you updated every 30 minutes at most on this, and announce a return to service ASAP.

    posted almost 50 mins ago, unbelievable how these idiots think

  • Look at least a warning like you warn us in world would be considerate some of us have sl appointments we can’t keep because you didn’t warn us before hand

  • @ Lindsee oooh u’r american too?
    Darn gotta call in more Euros to this post or i’m getting the nuke… >:)

  • hey, this american just logged in.

    no more complaining for me…. yaay! suckers..


  • oh heck, just started up… : P


    EEEK >(

  • Waves to Miguel, another euro here!!!

  • if sl is going to keep this up i’m sure every paying costumer will leave sooner or later…

    I’m hoping some other company out there is going to create something just like sl… A bit of competition would get linden labs on there toes to get more users online…


    Operations is re-enabling the first list of essential In World and Web services below.

    The second list, part of our short-term mitigation strategy, will be returning to full functionality over the next 60 to 90 minutes. If that changes, we’ll let you know promptly.

    Please be patient when logging in over the next few minutes. As is the case after any full restart, the login queues will be congested. Frustrating though this has been, please try to avoid the temptation to cancel and restart your login, and just ride the process out to keep your place in the queue.

  • /me waves at Ecco! :))) heya Fellow Continental 🙂 heheh

    Azziej – check out OSGrid – google it, they’re not doing much… but starting something at least…

    @ Lindsee – by the time your clothes d/l you’ll be way past your bed time… might as well log out :p

  • wouldn’t it be helpful if these alerts could be seen whilst still in SL, rather than after we log out to try and sort a ‘problem’, like inability to tp, and then finding out we can’t log back in? SL is just inherently flaky; I’ve been told it was just designed wrongly at the start and constantly rebuilding on dodgy foundations will never work.

  • miguel: let’s hope they grow the right way not like LL lol

  • thats what i said Caroline 😀

  • What pisses me off about this is that they disable the loggins even for those who pay to use the service. Cut off the free accounts ok, but no those of us who pay to use.

    This is becoming way to frequent.

  • we have temporarily removed the engine of the car to be able to keep driving?

  • Gratulation an Linden Labs!

    Mit dem neuen Viewer ist unter Windows Vista Ultimate kaum mehr ein gutes Arbeiten Möglich. Selbst bei einem Core2Duo, 4 GB Ram und einer GeForce 8600GT idt Ruckeln an der Tagesordnung. Seit der Umstellung wird alles schlimmer. Ich frage mich ernsthaft, was mir ein Premium Account nutzt, wenn man doch genauso ausgeschlossen wird und keine Möglichkeit erhält sich gesondert einzuloggen. Ich möchte damit keine Zwei-Klassen Gesellschaft einfordern, jedoch mal einen Denkanstoß an LindenLabs senden, diese Porblematik zu überdenken. In der Hauptgeschäftszeit ohne vorankündigung den Grid “praktisch” zu schließen, ist alles andere als professionell. Da muss man sich nicht wundern, das große Unternehmen, wie Mercedes Benz usw. diese Plattform als das abtun, was es ist, ein SPIEL! Ich bin immer mehr entsetzt, mit welcher Gleichgültigkeit hier mit den Usern umgegangen wird. Es muss doch Möglich sein, nach so vielen Jahren Entwicklungszeit eine Plattform zu erstellen, die in der Basis flüssig läuft. Sicher müssen immer wieder neue Ideen und Konzepte umgesetzt werden, SL lebt von Innovationen. Aber diese Aufälle sorgen dafür, das es immer mehr BOT´s aber immer weniger aktive Spieler gibt, die ihr KnowHow ind Spiel bringen und sich aktiv am Spielgeschehen beteiligen.

    So, Frust ist raus. Danke fürs lesen.

  • My first German comment. Cool. Babelfish’s translation is sadly not the best though.

  • So you did Angell 🙂 only, by the time I’d written this, about another 20 comments had got in before me

  • Snurkl, you know, that’s more or less exactly what I was thinking! 🙂

  • i installed an upload from second life, now i cant get on, so i looked around and saw i didnt have enough memory, now i have to uninstall it, i agree the the person above, it would be much easier if the would have told me or stop it Before it was installed. Their should be a safety net or something around this stuff, and the program should check you computer before it intalls.BUT Hopefully, this works, im keeping my fingers crossed.

  • why do people only use blogs like this to say how disapointed they are? why isnt there riots, boycotts, fighting in the streets?

    oh yes, would require to be in game to be able to boycott it, lol.

    stop paying them! stop uploading textures, cancle buying (much too expensive) stuff. most of it is like changing gold into glass pearls anyway. 99 of the content is created to rip off noobs who dont know it better.

    wake up!

  • I have a problem not sure if its the current problems or if its with the latest version of the release candidate but have no idea how to report it on the jira i tried to rez items but couldnt it said attempt to rez failed for several tries now i look in my invent and the items were not returned and guess what not copyable either so it looks like there lost i do hope its not the latest release candidate download i installed before logging on??? I hope a linden bothers to read this ???

  • restles rissole:
    This is not a Linden Lab blog and they won’t read this. Perhaps you’d be better off using the Support Portal to get some help (

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