SL Asset Server Issues

Well it’s evening and once again the Second Life asset servers are not a happy bunch. It wasn’t hard to notice in world before the grid wide announcement not to do anything with your inventory. From the live statistics graph I’m running I can already see that already 10,000 people have logged off or crashed off from the service (and counting). I wonder how many will disconnect or be disconnected before it’s fixed.

[Update 23:10] The drop is now nearer 20,000 people as logins are now disabled.

[Update 00:15] The daily graph has been updated and compares yesterdays (Fridays) online users with previous days.

[Update 00:25] The blog is reporting that SL is alive and well and accepting logins. I hope you can all log back in!

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  • I can’t get in from the UK either… 🙁 It’s only my first evening on SL, did I break it… 😛

  • Ever wonder what an Asset Server is? I hear it’s an old Atari 138 MB system. lol

  • Ok is it just me or is this still not letting us log on ????

  • Can SL not handle the number of people sign up now?? Has it got sooooo big that it can only take certain number of people at a time to avoid a meltdown? Is SL too big for its boots??

    well hello!! what did u expect, word spread we flocked in our thousands!! Deal with it and fast before people start to lose their trust in you.

    I still can’t log on and yes i’m in the UK too!!

  • I am not in the uk and i still cant log in this is bullcrap..I have a dam date to make allot of Ls and i cant get there ghaaaaa

  • I have everything crossed, paggles ….

    The tv is best left off Aethling .. tis a scary thing, the people there all walk in straight lines.

  • We gotta reduce the traffic load, or LL is never gonna get out from underneath. Time to fork the client again and start allowing external media feeds direct to clients, migrating media traffic off the grid. If they added a DCC-flavor client component for media services, we get a lot of grid resource back.

    My $0.02 – your mileage may vary.

  • Glork! Now in…in the UK!

  • Some of us from uk are back in now…give it a a bit of time…& try again….

    im off the board now..good luck people 🙂

  • Darn it started to log me in right as i hit the exit button no im back down and it wont let me in again grrrrrr SL is F*c*ing with me

  • WAHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m in!!!!!!

  • about dam time bu i lost my hair GRRRRRRRRRRRR and int not in my ivent now im ald untill i spend MORE Ls grrrr

  • I still can’t get in…anyone else having issues?

  • while im here i made force tp work and will sell th script o anyone who wants it 5000Ls for the scrip 30000L for th rigts to it sendthe money to yar telling and i transfer it 1st ofer getsit i get or the on offer will transfercash back to you…if you bu th rights to it will also sed a noe stating i give yu ull ights to it

  • Ryanne give ittime took me over a hour it will come lol

  • Hehe….this is what I call “Couitus-interruptus”:)
    Oh well, even Heroine-Addicts go on turkey sometimes.
    So why shouldn’t we?

  • Uh oh. Looks like the things they took the servers completely down to “fix” are happening all over again. Stale payments, database errors, items purchased not arriving.

  • Sunday night and down again – numbers dropping off fast

  • Sunday nights are a usual night for problems. They’re the peak days of the week. Looks like numbers are picking up again.

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