SL Asset Server Issues

Well it’s evening and once again the Second Life asset servers are not a happy bunch. It wasn’t hard to notice in world before the grid wide announcement not to do anything with your inventory. From the live statistics graph I’m running I can already see that already 10,000 people have logged off or crashed off from the service (and counting). I wonder how many will disconnect or be disconnected before it’s fixed.

[Update 23:10] The drop is now nearer 20,000 people as logins are now disabled.

[Update 00:15] The daily graph has been updated and compares yesterdays (Fridays) online users with previous days.

[Update 00:25] The blog is reporting that SL is alive and well and accepting logins. I hope you can all log back in!

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  • Linden is basically run by a bunch of Yahoo want to be’s and a CEO that can barely wipe his ass. I pay each month and have played since 05. No they dont care to fix what is broken. Admin excuse is it is a live world and they can’t control it. If they had any brains they would shut done SL completelty and do maintance then reopen and stop the lag ass restarts that do nothing more than clear the server caches. But of course if they did that then OMG they would actually have to fix something and not work on their new projects that consume evern more bandwidth and resourses. Who said Geeks were smart at SL. Just money grubbing idiots. Only reason I say in SL is because I have sims of land I paid for and ppl that rent shops and homes and depend on my honesty to not just leave with their money!!!! Unlike the Lindens do with us each month by NEVER giving back 1 red cent!!!! Oups did I say all that?? WOW maybe I’m pissed!

  • I wanna log in nam it! For the love of god!

  • Oh you lucky lucky guys

    I am still stuck in this rl

  • Closer to a 40k drop by now.

    Sure the missing objects and gestures from the database were annoying, now I can not even log in to commiserate with friends. Even worse xD

  • This totally sucks people! They should refund their Premium Account Holders for stuff like this. It is getting ridiculous.

  • hey guys – I”m in

  • Still locked out in the uk…bleah


  • paggles i am in uk and i am in

  • Ahhhhhhh this is the pits =(

  • Stop bragging! I want to escape the rl too!

  • But do u all have hair?

  • Still not on in the uk 🙁

  • I’m still on chaps — got the usual kicking stream playing, smoking a cigar as I kick back and enjoy another sunset with my lady here, stormfront, who you may have guessed is a perfect blonde, willing to grant my every whim. Hope you get back soon.

  • I am in UK and I am out

    I guess we’re just not special enough, paggles 🙁

  • lool its workiing

  • Guess it’s stil Linden LAB ( capitals L A B ).
    I hope they will progress as Linden Life Inc. or so…
    In due time…. 2018 or so, LOL !

  • Today I had booked Elvis (who had resurected espesially in the form of impersonator live singer BubbaC John) to play and sing at my place, The Verandah Meeting House, and just as he was about to come over SL goes loopy so we dont get the gig I have looked forward to and neither do the people who were coming, not only that, I am out of SL because of a crash and I dont know if the show is on or off or if I need to pay the thousands of lindens I promised Elvis and the DJ to follow him, if they managed to work I will pay them but will the Lindens reimburse me or lower my Tier payment? I bet not !! Please Lindens, work out the glitches or work out a fairer system to us who pay you!!

  • It must be cos we are a bunch of little islanders eh?…lol

  • *rolling her eyes*

    Instant gratification has ruined us.

  • Is it beyond the technical espertise of Linden Labs to display some sort of notice on the log-on screen so we don’t waste our time with futile log-on attempts? Sure, there is a link to the official comments-are-closed-so-we-don’t-have-to-listen-to-the-customers-whining blog. But “(UPDATE): Asset Server Issues” really tells me nothing. It seems that making things easier for the paying customer is not part of the corporate culture at Linden Labs. Let’s hope this changes with the new CEO. We all realize that downtime does occur; I suffer through computer / server / network downtime and glitches in RL every day. LL just needs to learn to deal with customer service issues in a better manner. The new boss’ first hire should be a customer service / relations guru.

  • Yep ….

    I reckon it’s punishment for inflicting Leona Lewis on them

  • Well, if I can log on, it will be stuck to me arse, but at least I will know where it is.

  • It is sad to see how Linden Labs have turned into Microsoft. More interested in getting out quick patches and new functions not stopping for a moment and just fix everything.

    Progress is important but not when it comes with the price of ignorance.

  • LMFAO ….Well they inflicted us with Paris Hilton…turn abouts fair play…lol

  • As a newbie of 2 months standing, it seems to me as someone who uses computers but has no technical expertise, that if SL keeps growing and growing with no real increase in server power, then crashes will continue to happen more and more frequently. And I speak as someone who crashes out at least 2 or 3 times a week to a ‘blue screen of death’, and a total computer reboot. I remember Y****! chat 7 or 8 years ago, when it multiple crashes happened night after night. And that problem was cured – apparently – although the booters never went away (causing me to enter SL)

    And, yes, I had a date for tonight.

  • May be in …. but there is noone there lmao

  • getting more convo in here

  • Yep. I’m in.

    Put on your grown-up pants. I’ll see you on the other side.

  • Hey everyone, (who does not have a paying account) quite your gripping, jeez, chill out. Stuff happens. We will all be able to run away from RL soon enough… take the opportunity to do your laundry or something. Maybe actually spend time going outside. But do NOT attempt to fly to your skyplatform or expect to TP to cool places. OHOH… i think i am going to try and walk now, I’ll let you know how that goes. Spoe Schism.

  • Nuclear – thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to 1. Vent, 2. continue communicating with other SLers and 3. not cutting the talk off at the knees


  • @ exo…. cute dude… but long past time for SL kiddies in SF to learn that there is a world outside of SF that expects RESULTS. Canceled my paying account, have fun on the beach… quite a waste of time btw.

  • Good point, paggles

    My God!! I think I might just have to watch TELEVISION!!

    It’s been so long since I saw that piece of equipment

  • i am in !

  • I have been in sl for about 3 years now. This stuff has been going on and will continue to go on. I don’t see any fixes coming that wont cause something else to go wrong. But I say to you look at it this way…

    Secondlife is more stable and online a lot more than it was 2 years ago so some sort of progress is being made…

    …And to the buisness owners i feel your pain, but I don’t think the lindens ever promised a perfect world nor did they hold a gun to our heads to open a store.

  • There’s a lot of ranting and raving going on here and I know people are upset, but seriously, you’d have to live under a rock to not know the risks with online gaming. These systems are still unstable and honestly, it’s some kind of miracle that they work at all.

    I truly am sorry to hear that people that are losing money and scripts, but there is always another day and I agree with Marx, you should backup your work.

    Remember we live in a capitalist society: Linden Labs wants Second Life to be running all the time too because lost time for them is lost money. I am sure they are doing what they can, within their means and resources, to get SL up and running.

    In the mean time read a book, cook yourself a nice meal, go for a run, listen to some music or, if you miss flying around discovering new worlds, just lay still and daydream.

    I realize it sucks, but nothing is perfect because it isn’t possible. Linden Labs is not the only company that has difficulties.

    I hope this doesn’t sound patronizing or mean (which is not my intention at all), but I am not sure that complaining is the best tool for enacting change. I am sure they know people are upset and I am sure they are upset too.

    Second Life is only one facet of your rich and diverse lifestyle… is there nothing else you can do in the mean time?


  • Went down to 22000 then up to 29,800 now back at 25959.
    Anyways guys when you do get back in Check out our Club search for Meradoc Falworth he will direct you to best club on SL

  • noooo..not TV , its all quiz shows & pretend sex documentries,,,(basically adolecent boys touring houses of disrepute)…will poison ya mind ya know…lol

  • Anyone, besides me ever walk through a store, stop and start standing like your AO makes you stand in SL??? Anyone ever wanted to walk into a furniture store and ask the salesman how many prims that couch is and if it’s transferable???

  • A year ago when I joined SL it had problems but it was functional and most of the usful stuff worked like groups, objects and logins. Then came voice which few who role play use (its just a loud background mess you can hardly understand) but it was forced on us along with other useless crap. Now the system is missfunctioning worse then ever. People are loosing property and money fast. SL is dying. If a bank is in trouble you pull your money out so stop spending and if you must stay learn to make what you need. Lindens will wake up!

  • Still not in the UK.

    Well its 12.20pm now so see you all in world in the morning and there will, no doubt, be a note from the Lindens giving us all some compensation.

    Wait a minute, you can have flying pigs in SL, I forgot!

  • BLoody Hell Im in …whooopeeeeeee 🙂

  • Can’t find the remote control …

    Are we all having a good time!!??!

  • Oh Paggles!!

    Why aren’t I!??!

    Major sulk going on here

  • I’ve been in the game for only five days as of today. However, I understand how it can become addictive, and why my real life husband plays call of duty so much.

    While I am a free member, I have been a paid member to other sites and can understand the frustration when you feel that you are getting ripped off. I also understand that some of you may feel “Oh, they shouldn’t have used MySql”, “They should have used a more sophisticated program”, etc.

    Is this inconvenient? MOST CERTAINLY! My time is limited and I was looking forward to some nice quiet time in my SL.

    Am I going to complain? MOST CERTAINLY NOT! According to the last article I read, there are over 12 MILLION registered users in SL, and at any given time, there are anywhere from 50K+ online simultaneously. That is a lot of data to handle!

    I notice that out of all the tens of thousands of people who got kicked out, only 74 have bothered to get on to complain (well, most of the 74 have complained).

    I sincerely believe that they are doing the best they can. Should they replace the program? Probably. Is it a conspiracy to rip us all off? No.

    I believe you guys should get up off your office chairs, get off the computer, and walk outside for a dose of reality and


    I realize this post will make me some enemies in SL, and probably RL if anyone ever figures out my real identity (unlike some, I wasn’t stupid enough to use my real name), but SO BE IT!

    If we can’t get back into SL, I bid everyone to have a nice weekend…I know I plan to.

    Ms. Suzzette Nadeau,
    Overall Lunatic in Charge of Lunacy

  • k try again..My mate got in 5 mins b4 me 🙂

  • Splash screen says ‘Issue Resolved’ No it ain’t chappies, at least here in UK. And so annoying…..I could have watched Ken Stott as Tony Hancock on BBC4. (Lucretzia. I’ve forgotten how to switch it on…)

  • Hi

    Ok so u’ve resolved the asset issue and restore log ons but erm ‘hi’ i can’t log on!!!!

  • PLease o please Lindens!

    I left my cow on the grid!

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