SL Asset Server Issues

Well it’s evening and once again the Second Life asset servers are not a happy bunch. It wasn’t hard to notice in world before the grid wide announcement not to do anything with your inventory. From the live statistics graph I’m running I can already see that already 10,000 people have logged off or crashed off from the service (and counting). I wonder how many will disconnect or be disconnected before it’s fixed.

[Update 23:10] The drop is now nearer 20,000 people as logins are now disabled.

[Update 00:15] The daily graph has been updated and compares yesterdays (Fridays) online users with previous days.

[Update 00:25] The blog is reporting that SL is alive and well and accepting logins. I hope you can all log back in!

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Is it just me or is this getting boring now? Every day at least once or twice im getting stale payments, or dataserver errors, when are they going to realise this is an ongoing problem!!! argh rant over… for now :P

Well…when are there NOT a problem ongoing ??

Asset issues, location isues…whatever…

Ohh Im So Boredd LOL xD Cann ii Ask Why ii Keep Getting Logged Outt,, ii Aiint iiN A Mood Or Anythiin Im Just Wondering :D X

Cybercat Bekkers

I certainly hope you guys get this fixed, there have been too many problems w/ second life. and it seems the asset server was just fine a minute ago. I am very displeased. Get it fixed once and for all please!

And I have to earn money grrrrrrrrrrrr

Even when the asset servers are NOT having “problems”, they are having problems.. For the last several weeks, a LOT of my inventory is now missing.. Several items that cost over 1000L, and all I have left for them is empty folders in my inventory.. And magically, a couple of items that were missing are now back… Wonder what the damage will be once the gridmonkeys get everything paper-clipped and bailing-wired back together THIS time?????

A Cranky Tas…

yes i crashed loads of times and now cant access sl at all!! im gutted as im having withdrawal sywmptoms lol

I am sure our friends in the Linden lab are doing the very best they can to recover these situations, but they are extremely disruptive.

Perhaps, as self punishing gesture, there should be a payment to each non-free account member of the lost amount of time.

This wouldn’t be worth very much to us, just a handful of Lindens, but cumulatively it would hurt them to a degree that methods would be found to stop such outages more quickly.

As it is, it is us, the paying residents who lose money and our time because of outages.

I have written this to utilise my downtime!

Now down to 36000 users

As long as I’ve been in SL there are these problems. Peak times seem to be evenings on Sundays (GMT time) but every so often they seem to hit some barrier to the system that takes more than just ‘throwing another asset server’ into the pile. Hopefully they’ll find the bottleneck and fix it soon.

ryan alucinakis

I am getting so board of this what happend!!!
sl used to work why does it not work now! 4 days a week i see this!

In the uk you cant access sl at all

Well seems Lindens nevr fix stuff.. they put more trash patches onto the allready failing system… any one know of a diffrent world ?? im tired of the crashs and booting me off …

Club Contest: 25 000 Lindens
Asset Server problems begin
DJ crashes
ppl crash
votings start
Party crashes.

Thank you Linden Lab for messing everything up once again.

Hum… for the complexity of the whole thing, and the number of people, vagaries of the web, etc. I’m surprised it works at all! I’d love 24/7/365 too, but oh well! :) and no – I’m NOT a Linden and I AM a paying member

ouch i learned not to log out during asset server issues it doesnt help it just keeps u out well ill watch my friend build while i read the blog wish i cld help !

And of course comments are turned off so that they don’t have to hear just how truly pissed off residents are at the moment.

It also would be interesting to know just how many of those who remain logged in are actual, moving, person-controlled avatars – as opposed to bots and abandoned campers

Only thw real one dark lol

sheesh this is getting to be sooo old. They need to fix this.

suuuper, yeah … ty again for that! all workers goes to make some easter holidays or what happens?? the only only i hear since 6 days is that i´m unable to connect… uha… tell me one thing i dont know? -.- OMG!
customers dont rlly worthy for u? kk, … since i play here, i know that! pfft.. think i wouldn´t restart an abo about that shit

All started this morning when multiple regions decided on their own to revert land ownership back to the estate owners.


I dont think LL *CAN* fix the asset servers *once and for all* so long as they continue to use MySQL as their database engine… MySQL is a fantastic database for small to medium databases, but the SL asset database is, from all reports, many many 10’s of terabytes in size.. I suspect for them to be able to fix such a large database, they’ll need to use some really industrial-strength database engines, such as Oracle or DB2..


I canceled my premium last month .. YOu know why ?

Since a year, no progress .. Still the Same Shame ….

1st time ive ever seen this happen but i am a 20 day old addicted newb

You know, and that f**** stuff we bought or build, that is lost by their failing systems is just gone… lol. no money back.. nothing ^^. good deal! hu :) . You just change some RL money to L$ and buy it again :) .

This isnt cool!..I wish i wouldnt have crashed!
I hope they have it fixed soon. Im going through withdraws here.

I have been playing several games like Second Life and there is always these reocurring issues with downtime and unstable server setups. That is why this game is doomed in the long run. Refuse to pay money to Linden Labs as long as they keep on providing you with this mess.

As difficult as this is to deal with, unfortunately it is going to be an ongoing problem with SL because this is an ever changing and sometimes very unstable “world” we are trying to live and create in. I am upset that they can’t seem to get a handle on it, and do some sort of preventive maintenance on the asset server BEFORE it goes down. Come on Lindens, there has to be a better way to handle this. I mean for all the money that is being paid in, surely you have enough to get it right?

When Linden Labs finaly will listen to people?
firts fix all your old issues, before create new things like a havok 4 or whatever.
Why do the Lindens just only want to create more problems instead of first taking care of the old.

When they go fix all teh problems sl has right now. they can let all the ingeneers there work for about 1 year before its fixed.

After that year they can start new things. and screw up again so they can start over this game again.

Are you guys just running one server or something..Upgrade or get an additional one. If money is tight, then do something. This is getting annoying.

what game so i can play it now???? lol

Yea i was in the middle of a 3 hour scripting Job and BAM went to save it and poof my nice lil script is now lost in the sl database some place … you would think sence we pay these ppl real money not linden bux that they could use it to fix this ??? but nooo they take your money then when theres a problem with anything in world you have to go thru a bunch of crap to get stuff fixed and most of the time they do nothing .. that any way to run a company ??

If i had more money involved with this SL, I would bitch royally.

Ok!So when log will be on again?U really need a good one….f

a famous person once said, and I quote “Never trust a computer you can’t throw out the window.” – Steve Jobs

Back to online scrabble

This sucks.. Just bought a piece of furniture, took my money, but no sofa in my INV, utter crap. Now I can’t login. Awesomeness. -.-

They know we’re addicts and that we’ll stay no matter how bad the problems get…tell the truth Linden, you’re really clearing the grid to have a massive online party while you have keg parties at all your LLab locations!!! OOh and make sure none of you are using the trademark “Second Life” in your forums, blogs etc…wouldn’t wanna advertise their less than adequate service!

down to 28k logged on, the lowest I’ve ever seen. I am really annoyed with this whole thing. Lindens, if you read any of this, y’all have some very unhappy customers right now, and yes, I am a premium account holder, but when it runs out, I am going back to free. At least then I’ll be getting what I paid for, NOTHING!!

Stop bringing out the new, until you’ve improved the OLD!!

karena mcdonnell

h0w l0ng is this g0ing t0 g0 n f0r? been 0ff an h0ur n0w this is seri0us shit are we likely t0 get back t0nite at all?

Meriadne Merlin

Al lot of contracts with every new version, a lot of rules for us—think its just fair that we can expect a WORKING version from your side too. Its not just a funny free game–is a virtual REALITY with a lot of energy, time and money in. So -pls–just do what you expect from us.

Every Linde should seriously consider if SL is the way to have fun and/or make money. Linden Labs obviously does not care about how there’s customers feel about the ongoin problems. Companies that perform in a BAD manner is eaten by other companies who understand how to make sure that their customers are satisfied and hapopy.

Yep id like to no just how long they are expecting to be down it would be nice for lindens to give us an estimate as im getting peeved waiting

Do a google for OpenSim
Then when you try and run this “Open Source” virtual world for yourself, you’ll have a clue about the complexities that SL faces.
OpenSim is fun to play with, but it’s nowhere near as stable as SL, and this is what most of the other worlds out there are based on.
DeepGrid,OSGrid,openlifeGrid etc..

Calm down everyone.I am sure there is not a conspiracy here to ruin our fun.And every time something goes wrong everyone looses ,including the Lindens.Maybe we are too many at times,maybe there are idiots that bug the system.I dont care what it is.But i’m sure there doing their best.
Personally i am at awe.This is the worlds greatest playground and i want to thank all those who make it such a wonderfull place for us to explore,create and be whatever we dreamed of.
A big thanks to all

darn & I had just nearly perfected editing my hair…crash,,,,sigh whats an avatar to do!!….lol

heeeeeeeeeeeey I have a party to go to
noooooooooooooooooooooooooo now heading in to withdrawal mode, are we going to get some compensation for the “downtime” that they are forcing us to take? I mean seriously, I’ve been unable to log in for over an hour and I had things going on tonight. Come on Lindens, you’ve given us this Second Life to build and live in, and you continue to not be able to support it in the best possible manner. I mean, with all the brilliant minds you have working for you, you should be able to come up with SOMETHING.

yes! party party party need to danceeeee

As my friend DJ says it is too often now this is happening… how is anybody expected to earn lindens and buy when the asset servers cannot behave

Really guys, what is all this complaining here going to accomplish. If you want to really vent, vent to Linden Labs, they have an email and contact area. I am a user of SL and yes I was about to start DJing, before the crash but c’mon. Things go wrong (more likely than not with SL) but take this opportunity to do something else until the problem is rectified.

D.J Petar Faulds

Lucretzia Laville

I am starting to feel a sulk coming on

Joanna Wrigglesworth

The withdrawals are setting in!!!

RL is taking hold OMG who knew trees didn’t have a prim count??? I cant fly and my TP isn’t working! I walk around and the feeling comes back to my legs and where is the lag?

Oh no! Whats going on, let me back in b4 I start to remember RL Please :P

Why do things happen when u are suppose to be doing something..How are all of you doing out there?

I would love for them to do research to see how much this is costing vendors. Day after day of not being able to buy things is killing my SL business.

Well once again linden labs F***s up again * headlines read lindens crash into a wall …. seriously guys get better servers take a lesson from square-enix on how to run an online game.

Just Glad it’s getting late where I am, so I can slip off to bed, and fingers crossed it will all be better ( well can log back in at least) it’s everyone in diffo time zones I feel for, not knkowing when this will be fixed.
night xx

Demantoid Dagger

I’m with Tasman Perth. MySQL is clearly not up to the task. Why they even chose it in the first place is a complete mystery when things like PostgreSQL are out there.

lalalala As i wait to reenter the world of sl I sing to you my fave tune.hehehe

Dark: “Yea i was in the middle of a 3 hour scripting Job and BAM went to save it and poof my nice lil script is now lost in the sl database some place …”

You mean you don’t cut and paste to a notepad occasionally?


Sorry, not much more sympathy than people who think their hard drives are invincible and never back things up.

Okay, maybe a *little* sympathy.

Dingthat Bellman

Again, another evening of low sales because people can’t get in and shop. Dermot, IMHO the difference between other sites and SL is that SL promotes itself as a commercial and business enviroment. The performance, however, reminds me of T5 Heathrow and the old British rail network. Next thing is each newbie will get a ‘lost baggage sticker’ and sarnie in curlers.

Mac, no one is doubting that this is an amazing thing the Lindens have created, I think we just feel they should be working more to stabilize it instead of offering us new things to cause us more headaches. I too am amazed at the wonders I’ve seen in world. I appreciate the creativity and intelligence it has taken to even consider building SL, but they should also be seriously working on finding better ways to improve our experience, without all the crashes.

Looking at all of these comments, there is one common theme. Real people being disappointed.

Another recurring theme is that we all want the existing system to work properly and for the Lindens to stop working on new Havok systems. We already have enough havoc in SL.

SL currently as enjoyable like a glass of champagne. Great fun, really enjoyable, then you see the turd in the bottom of the glass … the asset servers and customer ralations attitude.

venting is good lol.. it keeps you healthy, besides.. we can sit here and read at least. So keep the coments coming. and Dave.. how many left now? lollllllll

And I was about to share a nice evening alone with someone when first the scripts wouldn’t work, then I couldn’t change clothes, then I got logged out.

Pfeh. It happens. I can assure you that 99.9% of the “That’s IT, I’ve had enough of this crap” people will be slinking back in the chair like a junkie with a fix once the servers are back online.

“It’s a lovely day, tomorrow …”

Lately, and by lately I mean for more than a year now. We all experience server problems, grid problems, and even censorship problems. Yet ther is never a stable solution, all we ever get is that they are sorry and appreciate our continued patience. It is not like we can do anything about it but complaint. Most of us who do pay a monthly fee should be up in arms over this. Usually most companies who fail to provide what one pays for, are left behind and fail, but in SL we do not have that luxury other than leaving forever, and for those us us who put in roots and businesses, that is not possible. I know I might sound like a jerk with this, but I rather have action, not apologies. Saying “I’m sorry” does not really recoup the losses we sometimes face when all this goes down, so for my 1 and a half cent..I say please management, do more than give us empty excuses. Thank you….now I will accept any tomatoes thrown my way :)

I am surprised that Second Life works as well as it does considering everything the servers have to track. Whatever happened to the weekly down time for scheduled maintenance that they used to do every Wednesday morning? I think they need to go back to that. As for now, I will concentrate on my First Life.

Hmmm anyone done the math with the stats of late. Check how many are on on average (55-60k) recently, then check the 30 day figure and divide it by 30, math probs at LL mebe?

now we sing Nacho Nacho Man as we wait for the RL world to rez >.>

o m g … this is right royally pissing me off. . .
they could at least tell us whats goin on.. when its gna be fixed.. dickheads

OMG! it’s still not online – I’m gunna have to do (shudders) housework if it goes on much longer……. and my UK bf had just come inworld – only get to see him weekends when we can get some online time that matches up :(

I’m geared up with a yearly membership and pay $25 in tier fees each month.

I’m not fussed. When the grid’s back online, we’ll all forget and return to our happy utopian playtime. :)

hahaha im gonna get drunk..who cares

karena mcdonnell


Just sing a happy song lol and you will feel better lol well Atleast I know no ones at The Mark waiting on me casue we are all waiting to get back on here to go there ugggggggg let me in

>> Curious George – Not sure what you’re quite getting at. I’m on every day and I’d only count as one person logging on in the last sixty days.

What is WRONG with the Matrix [Grid]???

Note to Lindens: Dump LSL.

And as for Tasman Perth’s comments regarding MySQL, please watch this video from Google/YouTube’s Cuong Do as he describes how YouTube dealt with their multi-terabyte, and faster growing, database on MySql and related, progeny databases.

And after watching it, please forward it to the Lindens!

I just started on SL last night as a total noob and I have been waiting to get started and get going and I can’t even log in.Hopefully it’ll be up and running really soon!!!

Im In UK And You Cant Even Get On It ! xD Getiin Annoyed Now LOl ,, But iim Good ! :D X

Pandora Urqhart

I’m pretty sick & tired of the asset server too.. I mean… as a budding designer I’ve become rather deterred by the recent instability of SL because it’s not always guaranteed that what you upload will come up. Plus the wait times. And right now for some reason, I can’t go into “edit appearance” without it slowing waaaaaaayyyyyy down, almost crashing really. I think over the last two days I’ve crashed 20 times. lol. definitely frustrating.

I do hope though that they are able to figure out the problem, implement a workable solution and let us all get back on lol. We need our SL CRACK!! lol j/k. But I agree with Mac, they have created a really fantastic world with endless possibilities. But just as our Real world isn’t perfect, neither is SL. (Lol could I spew out any more bullshit? must be the withdrawl)

Lucretzia Laville

I am now singing Should I Stay or Should I Go

Morpehus – Neo did you screw up the matrix again?

Neo – I only hit smith once

Smith – Ow… that hurt did i hit a linden? Ah crap…

Homer – How the F**** Did i get here?

Its a sad sorry tale….im having to resort to msn mesenger to speak to people….darn!!

I agree the a poster above, I am a paying customer with a business in SL, but I’ve had iut. A straight week of being unable to run my business. When my subscription runs out, I’m down grading to. I’ll pay them nothing for nothing too.

Scarecrow Decatur

How long is it going to be? I need my fix!

wooo hoo she is singing you should stay

Lucretzia Laville not go stay stay stay we are haveing fun fun fun

I’m curious, is there an association or union which could give us some muscle to insist on a planned programme of improvements?

If there is one will a member please IM me. I’m in the UK and trying to update my own game database within an external httpdb so my game is within a game, but has not caused the hassle we are experiencing here.

Thank goodness my db is outside SL now.

Scarecrow Decatur

I want to my secondlife please.

I was just about to jump on a make love ball !!!!!!

just to let you all know your withdrawels are over … i’ve just logged

Logged in, not sure if it’s a permanent thing though…

Dingthat, fair point about the business aspect, but some of these other grids are also selling sims, regions & estates and trying to position themselves in the same space as SL.
I have been playing with OpenSim for the last 24 hours (yes at least I can log in and put boxes down on the ground lol), but there is so much that is not supported – they have a loooong way to go to catch up.
As far as the MySQL, it’s easy to stay blinkered and not take a step back to look at the bigger picture. SL has evolved and MySQL is ingrained in their systems right now. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision :)

Foamy – What the F*** ? im tired of getting these people based in india! and what the heck is up with this stuck prim? Fix it! Fix it now! or face my squirrly Wrath!

Damn !!!!!! Got back in …some one beat me too it !!!!

I would be happy if my inventory loaded the correct amount each time, an maybe take the freebies when they do a fade off into SL obscurity. Prim Docker is gone to say nothing of numerous things I have had to purchase over and over again. I am not sinking any more money into SL. I have spent waaaaay too much here just to lose so much of it. Was right in the middle of a build and every time it goes down, with NO warning, NO Aye, Yes, No, Kiss our arse, I lose a lot of stuff. We all do the Linden Lag. No, it isn’t an exact science, but neither is neurosurgery and yet people are treated and go on. Quit applying bandaids, LL, and fix the original problem. Better servers, a more caring concern about your customers who indeed put the food on many LL employees’ tables would be a grand start, or how about just rweturn everything that has disappeared from my inventory. Oh, and just to get a little gripe out of the way, I am sick of arriving somewhere with my shoes, hair, etc. stuck to my arse. Maybe it is trying to tell me something: I should have kicked myself in the arse for ever sinking a dime into this mess. Someone said we are addicted. It is hard to walk away from thousands of dollars spent here. If LL ever reads these comments it appears that it is a matter of simply not caring. They are laughing all the way to the bank here. I feel for the merchants and there are some very good ones who will replace what LL has lost. Oh, and about that party they might be having, if they are using the things we no longer have in inventory, it must be a heck of a smashup party.

They’re bluffing! dont log in it will eat your soul!!!!

Gives everyone AAH bath bags ~ eases stress and relaxes the mind :D – gather yer MP3 and mellow ducks and lets float,..

SL’s offline at the moment,. but hey doesn’t a bath sound good:D

Gabriel Boogiewoogie

Linden is basically run by a bunch of Yahoo want to be’s and a CEO that can barely wipe his ass. I pay each month and have played since 05. No they dont care to fix what is broken. Admin excuse is it is a live world and they can’t control it. If they had any brains they would shut done SL completelty and do maintance then reopen and stop the lag ass restarts that do nothing more than clear the server caches. But of course if they did that then OMG they would actually have to fix something and not work on their new projects that consume evern more bandwidth and resourses. Who said Geeks were smart at SL. Just money grubbing idiots. Only reason I say in SL is because I have sims of land I paid for and ppl that rent shops and homes and depend on my honesty to not just leave with their money!!!! Unlike the Lindens do with us each month by NEVER giving back 1 red cent!!!! Oups did I say all that?? WOW maybe I’m pissed!

Scarecrow Decatur

I wanna log in nam it! For the love of god!

Lucretzia Laville

Oh you lucky lucky guys

I am still stuck in this rl

Bjorn Nordlicht

Closer to a 40k drop by now.

Sure the missing objects and gestures from the database were annoying, now I can not even log in to commiserate with friends. Even worse xD

This totally sucks people! They should refund their Premium Account Holders for stuff like this. It is getting ridiculous.

hey guys – I”m in

Still locked out in the uk…bleah


paggles i am in uk and i am in

Piper Olkhovsky

Ahhhhhhh this is the pits =(

Scarecrow Decatur

Stop bragging! I want to escape the rl too!

But do u all have hair?

Still not on in the uk :(

I’m still on chaps — got the usual kicking stream playing, smoking a cigar as I kick back and enjoy another sunset with my lady here, stormfront, who you may have guessed is a perfect blonde, willing to grant my every whim. Hope you get back soon.

Lucretzia Laville

I am in UK and I am out

I guess we’re just not special enough, paggles :-(

lool its workiing

Guess it’s stil Linden LAB ( capitals L A B ).
I hope they will progress as Linden Life Inc. or so…
In due time…. 2018 or so, LOL !

Delores Beaumont

Today I had booked Elvis (who had resurected espesially in the form of impersonator live singer BubbaC John) to play and sing at my place, The Verandah Meeting House, and just as he was about to come over SL goes loopy so we dont get the gig I have looked forward to and neither do the people who were coming, not only that, I am out of SL because of a crash and I dont know if the show is on or off or if I need to pay the thousands of lindens I promised Elvis and the DJ to follow him, if they managed to work I will pay them but will the Lindens reimburse me or lower my Tier payment? I bet not !! Please Lindens, work out the glitches or work out a fairer system to us who pay you!!

It must be cos we are a bunch of little islanders eh?…lol

*rolling her eyes*

Instant gratification has ruined us.

Is it beyond the technical espertise of Linden Labs to display some sort of notice on the log-on screen so we don’t waste our time with futile log-on attempts? Sure, there is a link to the official comments-are-closed-so-we-don’t-have-to-listen-to-the-customers-whining blog. But “(UPDATE): Asset Server Issues” really tells me nothing. It seems that making things easier for the paying customer is not part of the corporate culture at Linden Labs. Let’s hope this changes with the new CEO. We all realize that downtime does occur; I suffer through computer / server / network downtime and glitches in RL every day. LL just needs to learn to deal with customer service issues in a better manner. The new boss’ first hire should be a customer service / relations guru.

Lucretzia Laville

Yep ….

I reckon it’s punishment for inflicting Leona Lewis on them

Well, if I can log on, it will be stuck to me arse, but at least I will know where it is.

It is sad to see how Linden Labs have turned into Microsoft. More interested in getting out quick patches and new functions not stopping for a moment and just fix everything.

Progress is important but not when it comes with the price of ignorance.

LMFAO ….Well they inflicted us with Paris Hilton…turn abouts fair play…lol

As a newbie of 2 months standing, it seems to me as someone who uses computers but has no technical expertise, that if SL keeps growing and growing with no real increase in server power, then crashes will continue to happen more and more frequently. And I speak as someone who crashes out at least 2 or 3 times a week to a ‘blue screen of death’, and a total computer reboot. I remember Y****! chat 7 or 8 years ago, when it multiple crashes happened night after night. And that problem was cured – apparently – although the booters never went away (causing me to enter SL)

And, yes, I had a date for tonight.

May be in …. but there is noone there lmao

getting more convo in here

Yep. I’m in.

Put on your grown-up pants. I’ll see you on the other side.

Hey everyone, (who does not have a paying account) quite your gripping, jeez, chill out. Stuff happens. We will all be able to run away from RL soon enough… take the opportunity to do your laundry or something. Maybe actually spend time going outside. But do NOT attempt to fly to your skyplatform or expect to TP to cool places. OHOH… i think i am going to try and walk now, I’ll let you know how that goes. Spoe Schism.

Nuclear – thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to 1. Vent, 2. continue communicating with other SLers and 3. not cutting the talk off at the knees


@ exo…. cute dude… but long past time for SL kiddies in SF to learn that there is a world outside of SF that expects RESULTS. Canceled my paying account, have fun on the beach… quite a waste of time btw.

Lucretzia Laville

Good point, paggles

My God!! I think I might just have to watch TELEVISION!!

It’s been so long since I saw that piece of equipment

Scarecrow Decatur

i am in !

I have been in sl for about 3 years now. This stuff has been going on and will continue to go on. I don’t see any fixes coming that wont cause something else to go wrong. But I say to you look at it this way…

Secondlife is more stable and online a lot more than it was 2 years ago so some sort of progress is being made…

…And to the buisness owners i feel your pain, but I don’t think the lindens ever promised a perfect world nor did they hold a gun to our heads to open a store.

There’s a lot of ranting and raving going on here and I know people are upset, but seriously, you’d have to live under a rock to not know the risks with online gaming. These systems are still unstable and honestly, it’s some kind of miracle that they work at all.

I truly am sorry to hear that people that are losing money and scripts, but there is always another day and I agree with Marx, you should backup your work.

Remember we live in a capitalist society: Linden Labs wants Second Life to be running all the time too because lost time for them is lost money. I am sure they are doing what they can, within their means and resources, to get SL up and running.

In the mean time read a book, cook yourself a nice meal, go for a run, listen to some music or, if you miss flying around discovering new worlds, just lay still and daydream.

I realize it sucks, but nothing is perfect because it isn’t possible. Linden Labs is not the only company that has difficulties.

I hope this doesn’t sound patronizing or mean (which is not my intention at all), but I am not sure that complaining is the best tool for enacting change. I am sure they know people are upset and I am sure they are upset too.

Second Life is only one facet of your rich and diverse lifestyle… is there nothing else you can do in the mean time?


Went down to 22000 then up to 29,800 now back at 25959.
Anyways guys when you do get back in Check out our Club search for Meradoc Falworth he will direct you to best club on SL

noooo..not TV , its all quiz shows & pretend sex documentries,,,(basically adolecent boys touring houses of disrepute)…will poison ya mind ya know…lol

Anyone, besides me ever walk through a store, stop and start standing like your AO makes you stand in SL??? Anyone ever wanted to walk into a furniture store and ask the salesman how many prims that couch is and if it’s transferable???

A year ago when I joined SL it had problems but it was functional and most of the usful stuff worked like groups, objects and logins. Then came voice which few who role play use (its just a loud background mess you can hardly understand) but it was forced on us along with other useless crap. Now the system is missfunctioning worse then ever. People are loosing property and money fast. SL is dying. If a bank is in trouble you pull your money out so stop spending and if you must stay learn to make what you need. Lindens will wake up!

Still not in the UK.

Well its 12.20pm now so see you all in world in the morning and there will, no doubt, be a note from the Lindens giving us all some compensation.

Wait a minute, you can have flying pigs in SL, I forgot!

BLoody Hell Im in …whooopeeeeeee :)

Lucretzia Laville

Can’t find the remote control …

Are we all having a good time!!??!

Lucretzia Laville

Oh Paggles!!

Why aren’t I!??!

Major sulk going on here

Suzzette Nadeau

I’ve been in the game for only five days as of today. However, I understand how it can become addictive, and why my real life husband plays call of duty so much.

While I am a free member, I have been a paid member to other sites and can understand the frustration when you feel that you are getting ripped off. I also understand that some of you may feel “Oh, they shouldn’t have used MySql”, “They should have used a more sophisticated program”, etc.

Is this inconvenient? MOST CERTAINLY! My time is limited and I was looking forward to some nice quiet time in my SL.

Am I going to complain? MOST CERTAINLY NOT! According to the last article I read, there are over 12 MILLION registered users in SL, and at any given time, there are anywhere from 50K+ online simultaneously. That is a lot of data to handle!

I notice that out of all the tens of thousands of people who got kicked out, only 74 have bothered to get on to complain (well, most of the 74 have complained).

I sincerely believe that they are doing the best they can. Should they replace the program? Probably. Is it a conspiracy to rip us all off? No.

I believe you guys should get up off your office chairs, get off the computer, and walk outside for a dose of reality and


I realize this post will make me some enemies in SL, and probably RL if anyone ever figures out my real identity (unlike some, I wasn’t stupid enough to use my real name), but SO BE IT!

If we can’t get back into SL, I bid everyone to have a nice weekend…I know I plan to.

Ms. Suzzette Nadeau,
Overall Lunatic in Charge of Lunacy

k try again..My mate got in 5 mins b4 me :)

Splash screen says ‘Issue Resolved’ No it ain’t chappies, at least here in UK. And so annoying…..I could have watched Ken Stott as Tony Hancock on BBC4. (Lucretzia. I’ve forgotten how to switch it on…)


Ok so u’ve resolved the asset issue and restore log ons but erm ‘hi’ i can’t log on!!!!

PLease o please Lindens!

I left my cow on the grid!

Tintagel Telling

I can’t get in from the UK either… :-( It’s only my first evening on SL, did I break it… :-P

Ever wonder what an Asset Server is? I hear it’s an old Atari 138 MB system. lol

Ok is it just me or is this still not letting us log on ????

Can SL not handle the number of people sign up now?? Has it got sooooo big that it can only take certain number of people at a time to avoid a meltdown? Is SL too big for its boots??

well hello!! what did u expect, word spread we flocked in our thousands!! Deal with it and fast before people start to lose their trust in you.

I still can’t log on and yes i’m in the UK too!!

I am not in the uk and i still cant log in this is bullcrap..I have a dam date to make allot of Ls and i cant get there ghaaaaa

Lucretzia Laville

I have everything crossed, paggles ….

The tv is best left off Aethling .. tis a scary thing, the people there all walk in straight lines.

Augustus Trefoil

We gotta reduce the traffic load, or LL is never gonna get out from underneath. Time to fork the client again and start allowing external media feeds direct to clients, migrating media traffic off the grid. If they added a DCC-flavor client component for media services, we get a lot of grid resource back.

My $0.02 – your mileage may vary.

Tintagel Telling

Glork! Now in…in the UK!

Some of us from uk are back in now…give it a a bit of time…& try again….

im off the board now..good luck people :)

Darn it started to log me in right as i hit the exit button no im back down and it wont let me in again grrrrrr SL is F*c*ing with me


I’m in!!!!!!

about dam time bu i lost my hair GRRRRRRRRRRRR and int not in my ivent now im ald untill i spend MORE Ls grrrr

I still can’t get in…anyone else having issues?

while im here i made force tp work and will sell th script o anyone who wants it 5000Ls for the scrip 30000L for th rigts to it sendthe money to yar telling and i transfer it 1st ofer getsit i get or the on offer will transfercash back to you…if you bu th rights to it will also sed a noe stating i give yu ull ights to it

Ryanne give ittime took me over a hour it will come lol

Hehe….this is what I call “Couitus-interruptus”:)
Oh well, even Heroine-Addicts go on turkey sometimes.
So why shouldn’t we?

Uh oh. Looks like the things they took the servers completely down to “fix” are happening all over again. Stale payments, database errors, items purchased not arriving.

Sunday night and down again – numbers dropping off fast

Sunday nights are a usual night for problems. They’re the peak days of the week. Looks like numbers are picking up again.